Michel te Wierik

In recent years I have been able to make an inner journey. This brought me to old paths that I was able to feel and understand. I managed to capture those painful, surprising and confusing experiences and insights in my art by, among other things, using a combination of meditation and breathing techniques.

Silence | Colors | Art


Te Wierik’s artworks are characterized by the thick layers of paint with and a wide range of colors and structures. Te Wierik challenges the viewer to interact with his work. To experience the silence of the colors and discover something new.

By means of meditation and breathing techniques Te Wierik creates his works. In these moments of “being completely silent” a space is created to allow his subconscious to surface. As a result, emotions and stories find their way to the canvas. In this way Te Wierik makes his spirituality tangible for himself and the viewer.

Michel te Wierik’s works are inspired by the artists Mark Rothko, Piet Mondriaan and his father Gerard te Wierik.Β 

β€œIt is not only the colors and structure on the canvas that tell a story. The actions and techniques have also acquired an abstract, deeper meaning in the painting process.”

Michel te Wierik

Voerman 2a
1188 CD Amstelveen

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