Michel te Wierik

In recent years I have made an inner journey and during this journey I came in contact with various old meditation and breathing techniques. I started incorporating elements of these techniques in my painting process from which, among other things, the series Silence | Colors | Art originated.

Silence | Colors | Art


The works in this series are created by applying liters of acrylic paint on a large, prepared cotton canvas. Then Te Wierik mixes and processes the paint on the canvas with a palette knife. This creates a raw and layered structure full of color shades. Te Wierik is during this creative process in a meditative state of mind up to twelve hours, depending on the size of the canvas. Te Wierik challenges the viewer to interact with his work. To experience the colors and structure in silence (or with music) and to discover something new in his work each time. It’s like a dance, you keep moving around his work.

The photos on this website give a good impression of his artworks, but in real life the are even more beautiful. Te Wierik would therefore like to invite you to his studio in Amstelveen or to a current exhibition on location.

β€œIt is not only the colors and structure on the canvas that tell a story. The actions and techniques have also acquired an abstract, deeper meaning in the painting process.”

Michel te Wierik

Voerman 2a
1188 CD Amstelveen

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