Michel te Wierik (1979) was born and raised in Raalte. He has been creative from an early age and likes to work with his hands. After the hairdressing profession he fulfilled various jobs, but in these jobs Te Wierik could not use his creativity.

In 2017 an enormous creativity arose, which had been locked up all this time, and he came back in contact with his creative child. This created space to tell his story via his art in colors and structures. Te Wierik’s ambition and urge to create is expressed in a judgment-free creative process of freedom and love. His process is as important as the result.

Through personal development, he got the chance to embrace his creativity again. By means of meditation and breathing techniques Te Wierik becomes completely calm. In this moment of ‘being still’ there is room to let his subconscious emerge. As a result, his emotions and stories find their way to the canvas. When all negative emotions are brought to the canvas, a positive translation of that energy is created. In this way Te Wierik makes his spirituality tangible for himself and the viewer.

His work is inspired by the most diverse themes. The artists Mark Rothko, Piet Mondrian and his father Gerard te Wierik are also important inspirers. Te Wierik created multiple art series. Some of the works can be seen on this website. For a complete overview of his work and updates, check out his  Instagram and Facebook pages.

Michel te Wierik

Voerman 2a
1188 CD Amstelveen

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